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Free Daily Reading July 9th (REVEAL)


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Card #1 ~Light~ Bliss 19

This brilliant cards signifies that no matter what is happening around you prosperity, joy, happiness, success and prosperity are promised! This is the most positive card in the deck. The skies the limit! This is your time to shine, take advantage of it, don’t let it slip away with doubt or fear. Many close to you will benefit from your raise of warm sunshine. Are people attracted to you lately? Your thoughts of happiness, is light a bright glowing pathway emanating more and more positivity and send more prosperity your way. So pay attention to your thoughts, and send them to the positive! It’s your time to shine!

Card #2 ~Harmony~ The Lovers 6

This card signifies that a deep spiritual union is taking place or that a foundation towards one is being manifested for the future. This does not necessary mean a love affair, it can be any form of relationship; personal, business, a group, a pet, organization an incident or situation. Know that all relationships and the bonds that you make are a reflection back to you. What are you learning from this situation or relationship? What are you teaching each other? What are you learning about yourself? Can you make this union stronger? Every relationship has something to teach, there is always something new to learn. Xx
Much love xx n

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