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Free Daily Reading July 8th (REVEAL)


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Card #1 ~Movement~ 28

‘You are in a time of positive forward motion.’
The time of restriction is over! Its time for new discoveries and adventures! You may even feel the pull to go on a trip, get a new hair style or move to a new home or new business location. Regardless, you can no longer stay in your present circumstance. You feel compelled to change. Doors that were closed to you in the past are now open, your dreams are coming to light. It could also be a change of consciousness, a way of thinking, an ‘A’ha!’ moment. Tell ‘fear‘ to hit the road. Let go and move forward! Xx

Card #2 ~Protecting Treasure~ 39

‘You are always protected and Divinely directed.’
You may feel that you are in a time of great risk, please know that you can move forward safely and securely. Your guides and guardian angels are whispering and showing you and making you aware that you are protected. This is a good time to strengthen the loyalties of friends and family around you. If you are feeling tested right now, know that you have the highest integrity and are always in the safety under the angels wing. You are not alone, do not fear. Have courage. Xx
Much love

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