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Card #1 ~ The Singer of Connection~ 6

‘Spiritual connection, Karma, Balance, Empathy.’
Are you connected to source? Are you focused, balanced and centred? Choosing this card signifies that you have spiritual connections or are in need to find the balance in them. There is much strength in unifying spiritually. See how you are linked to everyone by it. Know that you have a mutual support here and can keep building more. Be aware of your mind, body and soul through meditation. Xx

Card #2 ~Iris of the Rainbows~ 32

‘Hope. Promise for the future.’
Iris tell us that hope is here, a dark or negative situation is coming into a more positive light. This doesn’t mean that the situation is over, it means that the process is speeding up. It doesn’t mean that it wont storm again, but there is brightness and beauty here. As you experience the storm, what can be learned from it? Once it is learned the storm will pass. Ask your self what can be learned from this situation. And a new growth will sprout from it. This is a time of transformation and change, embrace it! Xx
Much love

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