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Card #1 ~Win or Lose~ 5

‘Disagreement, Detach, Ego, Love.’
So often when it comes to matters of the heart; greed, ego, disagreements set one another apart. Sometimes love is forgotten because all that is thought of is the winning of an argument or circumstance. One will win and the other lose, setting the relationship off balance, because they are no longer equals, so the relationship can completely break down. Please recognise if you are being selfish and self-centred, don’t let your ego trick you in to thinking that you are always right, especially at someone else’s expense. Keep you distance if someone is trying to provoke you. Instead find a middle ground. Find a way to balance the situation equally giving a bit on each side. Always choose love when dealing with matters of the heart, its not about winning… it’s about the Love. Xx

Card #2 ~Find Balance~ 2

‘Cope, Multi-task, Breathe, Arbitrate.’
This card signifies that matters of the heart need more effort right now. More and more your time is being demanded upon, whether school functions, family gatherings or other obligations; your assistance is being requested all in a short period of time. Just breathe, be flexible and put one foot in front of the other. You can and will keep everyone and everything in balance. You may be asked to mediate a situation as well, so stay focused and fair with it. Most importantly keep yourself grounded and balanced… to do this it is vital that you take time out for you. Xx
Much love

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