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Free Daily Reading July 13th (REVEAL)


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1. Brown Bear:

Strength and courage, love and understanding. The brown bear is one that forges it’s path, it’s stands strong to who it is and never backs down to a challenge. All bears are protective of their families but it is especially true for the brown bear. It knows how to save it’s resources and utilize what has been given, even if it isn’t much. The brown bear as your spirit animal brings the message that through life’s ups and downs you must always stand true to who you are and never back down, you must be resourceful and adapt to the challenges in life. These challenges will make you stronger and wiser, and they will also allow for you to go inward and find your strength to know who you are and what your made of. This may be a time to do some soul searching and inner reflection. Take time to find the bear inside you, the one who is resourceful, wise, courageous and ready to do whatever it takes to overcome a challenge.

2. The Owl:

Wisdom, silence, sight, and depth. The owl is one that can see through the darkness, it knows all and hears all. The owl takes in all of it’s surrounding and what it has learned along the way; it applies it to it’s everyday existence. The owl will often sit in the silence of night to reflect upon the knowledge of life. Instead of speaking often, the owl will first be certain of what it wants to say and time it right. It never reacts irrational and always stays calm, listening and seeing deeper Into what is unknown. When the owl shows up in your life, you are asked to listen intently to what’s being said and what’s not being said, as well as see beyond the surface of any situation or circumstance. There’s always more than meets the eye, you have to be willing to use your wisdom and speak the truth, even to yourself.

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