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Free Daily Reading July 12th (REVEAL)


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Card #1 ~Passion~ 10

‘Allowing passion to grow from compassion.’
If you have chosen this card you are ready to translate and transform feelings of frustration, stagnation, anger, or fear associated with closeness to another or intimacy. Drawing this cards you may be ready to expand your understanding of partnership and or relationship in sexuality, opening the door to a heightened spiritual channel. Are you seeking a heightened level of intimacy? Are you blaming others for the lack of it? Are you feeling bitter that others have relationship and you do not? Are you disappointed in your relationship and or feeling resentful that your is not as successful? Do you wish your relationship had more passion? Well this card means to tell you that you must claim the passion you desire and already have in your life…. So see it and take it. Xx

Card #2 ~Courage~ 28

‘Persevering even when the work you’ve begun seems to falter.’
Choosing this card signifies that even though it may appear on the outside that you are not on path physically, but that the inner path suggest success. This card is meant for alignment, it is to keep you focused on your inner abilities and gifts. Focusing on the spiritual and physical resources will always give you guidance. Something unexpected, or an obstacle happened that makes you question your decisions and path. Remember to stay focused, a new spiritual resource is now available to you, like meditation, and an outdoor activity. Xx
Much love xx n

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