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Card #1 ~Golden Palace~ 23

‘There is always enough.’
Wow! This card symbolises good fortune, wealth, fulfilment of wishes and prosperity. You are entering a time of happiness that is long overdue emotionally. So the message here is that your self worth isn’t by what you have but how you walk on the planet with; integrity, love, honesty, brotherly love, faith, forgiveness and hope. You will gain many tangible rewards. Xx

Card #2 ~Wizard or Awareness~ 3

‘Your soul knows best; be still and observe.’
The Wizard card symbolizes the observation around you, your awareness to what is around you in within you. Some of us do not realise that we are fully run by our subconscious mind witch his full of negativity. Saying things like “I’m not good enough” or “nothing good never happens for me” and many more. The key is to remain neutral about the situations around you, no judgements of the outcomes. Know that nothing happens to you, it is but an experience so don’t limit or define them. Let go and let God, and watch the miracle unfold. Xx
Much love xx n

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