Free Daily Reading Jan 12th (REVEAL)

Just a little more time and you will see the fruits of your labour unfold, keep making the right choices, keep following your intuition and the path that is laid before you…

Don’t get frustrated or impatient with life, that does you no good. Use your creative side more than your logical, embrace your positive energy and flow.

Don’t resist yourself, don’t tell yourself negative statements that can stop you in your tacks.

Your to allow yourself to come to life.

I also want to give the message that as you come to life you will realize that some things can’t remain the same, those thins can include people, places and circumstances.

As you change, so does your life, and if you’ve outgrown some aspect of it, acknowledge this and make the best of what you must do.

Seize the days opportunities, even the thoughts and feelings you have, each decision you make brings you closer.

You are to make the decision with your feet planted firmly in the direction your going.


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