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4-Coming To Life

You’ve come from a period of slow and steady, perhaps you’ve had to be very patient and your integrity has been tested,

you’ve often wondered how much longer and what more do you have to do…..

Well, think of it this way, everything you’ve been working for, has brought you to today. You are wiser, stronger, and more equipped to build upon life.

Things are coming to life now and you are in a very important phase, your vision for life is starting to unfold, you’ve seen small indications of this manifestation;

perhaps you’ve had some of the things you desire brought to you while your still waiting for other pieces of the puzzle to come together.

Yes spirit knows everyone can be impatient, a little anxious and annoyed when what we want isn’t happening as fast, or,

as we have envisioned in our mind, please know that the divine and universe knows best and is unfolding everything for you at the perfect time.

Have a little faith in the process, be a little more patient, a little more accepting…

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