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For some reason, your inherent fears about your own self worth is standing in the way and your angels draw in to encourage you to let go of those fears, give the fears to them and charge forward knowing that you are worthy and you have the experience and ability to do what is required

– let them know how good you are and don’t be afraid as this is going to be successful!

Finally, you may be drawn to this image because a little warning needs to be given.

Yes you have done a wonderful job and of course no one can ask for more than that but at the same time, whilst you’re floating around on cloud nine looking for your next target, you’re becoming a little disjointed from your heart.

Try to remember that your success has been supported by others, those that helped and encouraged you. It may be family, friends or even colleagues so don’t forget them as you soar.

It’s easy for success to go to some peoples heads so it may be that you’re beginning to feel a little isolated and perhaps the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not it’s your approach that is causing this.

The key thing is balance – we need family and friends and support networks so ensure that you are still tapped into those and giving as much to them as they are giving to you so that you remain grounded as you fly.

It’s these types of choices that successful people are faced with and making the right choice brings long term rewards as opposed to short term successes.


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