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PICTURE 4: Six of Spring 

This image may be beckoning you to commend you on the excellent work you have achieved recently.

You may even have some extra good news on the way with recognition of some sorts for your efforts or the aware of a scholarship.

The extra’s are not really what matter here. What does, is the fact that you have overcome a whole host of challenges particularly in the sphere of work and passion endeavours and you have not really taken enough time to give yourself the credit for it.

You may like to shy away from being in the limelight but truly, you need to take a moment to stand and bask in your glory as you deserve that little bit of recognition, not only from those around you but from yourself too….

Treat yourself, you deserve it!

This image may call to you with regards to some career ideas you have.

It’s likely you have success stories or are about to receive some but you’re finding it difficult to really sell it or indeed sell yourself.

Are you looking to improve things in a specific project? Are you looking to apply for a promotion?

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