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Free Daily Reading Feb 12th (REVEAL)

Where you are in a fulfilled relationship, this image may be calling you in to let you know of a new relationship which has mutual trust and harmony

– perhaps friendship or even a partnership.

Finally, this image may be calling on you as you are in need to offer some forgiveness and compassion to another who shares the same desires as you.

By offering the hand of forgiveness and even trying to see the issue from their perspective, we uproot ourselves from the past and move into the present which creates new emotional beginnings all round.

The angels encourage this approach, encouraging you to let go and create a new beginning for yourself and that other person.

Remember that holding onto the past with any energy that’s negative becomes draining and by offering forgiveness, we stop giving it any energy.

You are not being asked to forget per say, simply to stop giving the situation any more energy and time.

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