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 PICTURE 3: Two of Summer 

Aw this is such a beautiful image and the card which stands behind it couldn’t do it anymore justice.

This card talks of unions between people, new relationships or deepening of relationships.

For the most part, we are looking at the process of “falling in love” and of course we can feel love deepen in existing relationships should we have had a falling out of sorts.

Have faith that if you’re experiencing a falling out of love, this can be healed.

For those without a relationship, there’s a sign in this card that a new loving, caring relationship which is mutually felt, is about to blossom.

Perhaps you are in a relationship which is strong and unfaltering but yet you still feel unfulfilled in terms of romance and love.

This image points to the fact that you need to start to feel that love for yourself within your own being before seeking it from another.

To love yourself is the greatest gift you can provide yourself and for so many of us, it’s the hardest thing to accomplish.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself, love yourself without conditions and start to see how quickly you become fulfilled.

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