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PICTURE 2: Princess of Summer 

To be drawn to this image indicates that surprises are due to come your way, all positive and exciting of course!

It could be that you’re noticing prophetic or very strong dreams which are your souls way of trying to communicate with you.

It could be that you’ve just heard or about to hear about exciting news regarding relationships such as pregnancy, birth or marriage.

All wonderful examples of new emotional experiences where there are deeper understandings within relationships which is always great to hear about!

It may be that your drawn to this card as it’s time for you to get in touch with yourself again and in particular the inner child of you.

Do you find yourself kicking and screaming, saying it’s just not fair? This is normally a sign that you are becoming disconnected with your inner child and need to reconnect.

Try doing things you enjoyed to do as a child, taking time to dance, sing, draw and simply have fun. Know that you are safe and protected at all times by your angels and enjoy reconnecting with your inner child.

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