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As you collected the raw feelings with the feelings of love and peace, you are able to offer the forgiveness and kindness which can help you release the anger and pain you may be feeling inside.

As we hold grudges or resentment, we let our energy go to those that perhaps don’t deserve it. If we offer forgiveness, we let it go and our energy is no longer being sent their direction.

To forgive is true strength, to hold on, only draws upon your strength leaving you consumed and weary.

Finally, you may be drawn to this image because you are beginning to learn valuable spiritual lessons where you are trying to attain a place of unconditional love and peace.

We are all aware that from this state, we experience the joy of life, become an instant manifestor and all of those wonderful things.

Whilst we all have the capability to become that magical state of being, we first need to tame ourselves and the layers that have been conditioned by society.

Part of that lesson is understanding that we have animalistic tendencies, shadow sides, and that these are completely normal!

It’s how you draw upon those feelings, how you tame those emotions and become centred again that matters.

You have the strength to overcome that.

There is no need to hide from those emotions you don’t like, face them, understand them, accept them and come back to peace.

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