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Card 3- Crystal Ascension

Are you drawn to crystals?

This card symbolises the importance of crystals for you and how they can help you in many ways.

Perhaps you’ve been drawn to certain crystals lately or maybe it is guidance for you to start looking into how they can help.

There is much wisdom within crystals and they have many healing properties for specific imbalances and also areas that you may wish to improve on.

To choose a crystal ask in your mind which crystal is right for you and you will find a name pops in your head, the angels will happily bring this information for you.

You can also do a crystal meditation if you wish to connect with the energy of crystals, the angels will assist you with this and will bring you in the support you need.

If you were drawn to this card it could also be that you’ve been feeling rather sensitive lately

about different circumstances and the angels message for you is to realise that you have the ability to transform your thoughts into positive vibrations!

They ask you not to worry so much and to trust that everything will be ok.

Because of your sensitivity you may worry about other people allot, as you may often take on their energy at times.

Look into crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite and tigers eye which can help you to keep your energetic protection high

and to not absorb negative energy from others.

Also visualise a mirrored ball around your body and aura, this will reflect all negativity away from you.

Card 4- Transformation

You may have connected with this card because right now you may be going through some spiritual transformations

and the angels wish to bring you a message about connecting with your higher self.

Believe in who you are and start to realise that happiness comes from within, once you fully express your authentic self

and start to work with this part of you, you will find that happiness naturally follows.

It can be challenging at first to let go of worrying about what other people think, but in doing so

you will find that your authentic self is more able to express itself to the world around you.

Work with the angels to release any fears you may have of connecting with this part of yourself, Archangel Michael can help to clear away fears

and Archangel Metatron can work with you by passing geometric shapes through your energy system,

this can release all lower energies and past conditioning you may have experienced.

You can work with both Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron at the same time to do a deep cleansing of your energy field.

And Archangel Raphael can then help you afterwards to heal your energy field and bring peace to your heart.

It’s time now to start doing what you love and embracing who you truly are, as not only does it benefit yourself but it does a great service to humanity;

as through shining your light you heal and inspire others around you to do the same.


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