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Free Daily Reading Aug 9th (REVEAL)

Card 1- Integration

You may have been drawn to this card as recently there may be a sense of wanting to do more in life, or a sense of wanting to embrace new opportunities.

You have a close connection with spirit, sometimes this may be during your dreams or through feeling changes in temperature around you.

These are signs for you to start listening and opening up to the guidance that your guides and the angels bring you,

they wish to let you know about their presence and help you embrace your true inner spirit.

Take some time out to meditate and connect, even listening to some calming music for 5 minutes can help in giving them the ability to bring you through messages.

There are many new experiences coming soon, just trust, believe and follow your inner guidance.

If you were drawn to this card it could also be because you’re going through spiritual shifts

and you need to ground your energy,

to allow new transformational energy to come into your energetic field.

Remember to do regular grounding meditations to connect you with the earth energy

and this will also allow old energy to be released to make way for the new.

Card 2- Archangel Michael

If you were drawn to this card, it could be that right now you’re needing to work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy from around you

and to bring you the strength and courage to move through circumstances that may be of concern.

You have a strong soul and Archangel Michael can help you to embrace this natural inner strength that you have and always have had within you.

It could also be that you’re taking the first steps on a new journey

and that you just need a little confidence to be able to do this,

you will find that as you embrace this journey everything starts to unfold around you

and you’ll start seeing the bigger picture, helping you to gain an understanding of the purpose to the events that have happened to you over the last year.

You may also work with Archangel Michael if you’re wishing to cut negative cords with people who you wish now to disconnect from.

It’s also important for you to look after yourself and to practise self care more often,

you may find that you’re giving out so much energy to others and not giving enough to yourself.

To work with Archangel Michael speak either out loud or in your mind

and ask him to assist in any area you need help with.

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