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3-Mountain –

“You have the capacity to flow around any obstacle. This is the time to adapt” – don’t fall at the feet of defeat, get up, look around and see that there are other options. Take a new approach, perhaps even a new direction , just don’t force something that isn’t working out. Be adaptable to change, be adaptable to how things are right this very moment not how things use to be. You need to go around the obstacle with a clear mind and open heart, we often choose the hard way because we are afraid to let go or we are afraid of the unknown, but this card is a clear indication that you must choose the path that is of least resistance to you, If you do decide to continue on this path that causes stress and anxiety, then remember to take it one step at a time, spirit isn’t saying the path your on is wrong, in fact all they are saying is there is an easier way. Look at what could be blocking you from easily flowing around this obstacle, your thoughts your feelings your attachment to the outcome? Free flowing is the key to this situation, what better options do you have that have been presented as a second choice? It’s all about taking a different approach.

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