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Free Daily Reading Aug 8th (REVEAL)

1- Come Together –

“Love needs to be shared” – in all relationships in all ways, love has always been the answer. If your inquiring about a specific relationship such as a love interest, then this card indicates a true romance and long lasting connection. It takes two to make a relationship work, and it takes love to build a solid foundation. You are a magnet for love and those who cherish you are the ones you cherish back. The number 8 is shown in this message, infinity is what it represents, love comes full circle and is a soul connection. This can also mean love to all people in your life no matter what they have done or what role they play in your life, love can move mountains and heal in all ways. Share the love today and you will see how fast things can change. Make sure your not forgetting yourself, take time to truly love who you are just as you are. We are all faulted and we all make mistakes, no one is perfect.

2- Intention-

“Deliberate clear intentions have the power to change your world” – in light of the supermoon happening as we speak, it is the most powerful time to set intentions and begin to truly change your life. Use the energy of this supermoon to fully engage in your intentions. Write specifically what you would like from life, affirm statements to yourself that empower you. Setting intentions is like setting a guideline for that which you desire, it helps you to focus on what needs to be done by you. It is also a connection you make to the divine, allowing them to see what it is you truly want. Be open to all ways that abundance can flow into your life, when setting intention you must be aware that what you desire can come in many ways through many channels so don’t have a set mind on only one way to accomplish your intention. Truly believe that what you desire is already yours and now all you have to do is work your way towards it. The saying “fake it till you make it” means that you embody what you desire without having its physical manifestation as of right now all the while knowing and trusting without a doubt that it will manifest very soon. Your intention will help speed up the manifestations in your life so why not start today under the light of the moon, take some time to write down your desires, really put some heartfelt energy into it. Keep the negativity at bay.

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