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#3-Nine of Fire-

You’ve created a wonderful opportunity or even a situation in your life with a lot of hard work and effort.

Spirit wants to remind you not to give up on all that you’ve accomplished even if you feel you haven’t done enough or it isn’t exactly how you want it.

It’s time to defend and protect the “fruits of your labour” even from your own ego mind.

You may be going through a very low energy right now, but, you can get through this,

try to regain focus on how far you’ve come and what the next step is(not the next 20 steps for that isn’t where your at right now).

There is no need to feel paranoid that it isn’t working out or that something will go wrong, remember,

if you feed those negative thoughts, then they come to life.

Be prepared for the situation and opportunity by knowing who you are, how you feel, what you want, and why you are on this path.

What could you do in a spiritual sense to keep yourself aligned.

Don’t push away the opinion of others at this time, for they may have some insight in their underlying message- you don’t have to take their point of view to your core,

but you can accept what you need to and move forward.

4-Six of Earth-

Gifts of money, time or effort /the giver or the receiver.

– Debt isn’t always paid off in one shot, sometimes it takes multiple payments, it takes time, effort and of course money.

You may be receiving a set of circumstances like getting a raise or a gift of money that will help ease some of the financial tension.

Opportunities of advancement in career lead to more income, but it takes time and it takes effort(dedication and a belief that you are deserving.

If your in a state of “I Need” then you are presenting your “lack of” more than anything.) money doesn’t solve problems, you solve problems.

Quick thinking, using resources at your disposal, seeking out those who can help you.

You may be the giver, or you may be the receiver, if you have the ability to help someone out financially(even if it’s a small amount) then do so,

what we give from the heart comes back in good karma. If you are in need of receiving, then trust that it will come.

I have learned that if I feel I am lacking when I am short on finances,

I continue to be lacking. I’ve had to embody the attitude of gratitude and let me tell you, it works.

I trust that I can be abundant in all ways, and I am grateful for what I do have.



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