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Free Daily Reading Aug 7th (REVEAL)

#1- Arch Angel Gabriel-

This is a very positive time for nurturing any creative projects.

When you nurture and care for what you wish to grow abundant in your life,

then success comes free flowing and at a fast pace.

This message is an indication to keep your thoughts aligned with the love you feel in your heart,

and if at any time you need a little inspiration or courage, you are to call upon Arch Angel Gabriel.

Opportunities for growth are what she is bringing to you at this moment, new ideas and ventures,

even those of you who are wishing for a child, this is a message that the positive energy is on your side,

pay attention to those thoughts and ideas you have for they didn’t just happen to pop into your mind–

Today you can’t go wrong as you pursue your dreams.

Dive into projects that you have been wanting to start,

don’t let fear hold you back for any amount of time, sometimes you have to just do it!

This is your time to shine!

#2-Six of Water-

You may be reliving moments of the past, or maybe you’ve even ran into people from the past..

The past doesn’t come back to haunt us for no reason,

sometimes what we relive in our memories, needs to be healed fully and released.

This could stem from childhood to adulthood,

whatever memories you’ve been reminiscing about, if they hold pain and hurt, it’s time to forgive and release.

This is also an indication that past relationships(whether love, friendship or family)

will be coming back into your life, there could be an old issue to resolve or maybe even a reunion to be had. Whatever it is,

know that you must work through all emotions and feelings with love and light.

Karma plays a part in all connections we have,

when you feel so strongly about someone it is usually because of this karmic energy.

Don’t be afraid to learn the lesson of karma,

usually all you have to do is release what has been an issue and learn from the lesson fully.

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