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Free Daily Reading Aug 6th (REVEAL)


You may have been feeling a big cloud over you and it just doesn’t seem to lift, and you are not sure where it is coming from.
Every emotion we feel has to come from somewhere. Sometimes the past can catch up with us when we think we have gotten over things and done a lot of healing. When we hold things in or haven’t worked fully on the emotions it starts to break down our energy and attacks our immune system, and we get tired and have no energy to do anything.
It’s time to look at every part of your life now that needs healing. It maybe to start eating right, going to bed early and turn that phone off, doing meditation or go for a walk. Memories hold in our cells so if you are having pain sit down and let your body talk to you and see what comes out and let it go, it doesn’t belong in your system anymore.

Affirmation: Say everyday “My cells vibrate with amazing healing energies, I am getting fitter and stronger everyday. Life is good.”


This is a very spiritual time for you and you will have messages from others or being shown something that you were thinking about and someone will mention it.
Nothing is coincidence, look for all signs now as messages will be coming through.
You maybe getting messages at night through your dreams and some may be very mixed up. Just get a journal and write all your dreams down.
You maybe having visitations from the other side and they are trying to give you a message, you may have a premonition in your dreams that comes true.
Spirit and your angels are always trying to guide us but we don’t always listen, just listen to that gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right just trust and don’t do it and if it feels right then go for it.

Affirmation: Say everyday “I am open to the universe and all the messages that they are sending me and I listen and tune in”

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