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Sometimes you just want everything to be right and you like to know the finer details and hate it when you are in the dark about things and people not letting you in on issues or problems.
Remember you can not help everyone even though you try your best. But this can pull you down when you feel you haven’t done enough. Remember everyone is on their own journey as you are on yours. We all have a story to tell and their story of their life doesn’t have to be your story and you don’t need to be are dragged into it. Its not that you don’t care but you need to start with you and when you are ok then that rolls out into other parts of your life.
So let go of the people that pull you down because they are not listening to your story.

Affirmation: Say everyday “I am writing a new chapter of my life everyday and it feels good”


When you look at the outside of the mirror there are the roses. Time to walk by and smell the roses. Time to just be outside in the fresh air and when we just take a nice stroll or even walk around the garden as we become more relaxed messages will pop into our mind.
We may even have a face appear in your minds eye of a love one that has passed and they are just popping into say hello to you. They just want to say they are ok and not in any pain and are free. As they want you to be free of any burdens that you maybe carrying around. Hand them over to the other side and let them heal what needs healing and trust. Its as simple as that.
A beautiful red rose is being handed to you from a love one with a smile. Close your eyes and its them.

Affirmation: Say everyday “I am safe in my own space of love as I feel the love that flows from the other side“

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