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Good afternoon, and thank you for participating in today’s unique guidance.

They are just images, but they hold much more when you connect Into your higher self.

Pay attention to all energy around you.

I am grateful that you share in this spiritual journey with me.

I appreciate that you share my posts with others in order to help one connect to a deeper meaning of life.

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  • You hit the nail on the head again! Today I ended a long term relationship with a person I thought was my twin flame. I will always be in Love with Him, but I can no longer live with the armor that he has put on. Thank You!

  • WOW, # 3 is WOW, yesterday I was in a weird mood, for most of my life I have lived out of boxes and bags, yesterday it was if I climbed out of my own head where I have been stuck for a very longtime, I told myself: “Pat enogh is enough, why have you stayed stuck in lifes you will never get back!
    With that I started sorting throgh the boxes and bags, it was like reliving the memories, but different this time, as I looked at a pictre a note etc. I said good bye, I have a long way to go, I will get there, I will be free, to be me…
    Thank you so much!
    p.s. I am sorry about dropping U so many times, if you noticed the misspelled words, my U key is messed up! <3

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