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1- Let Two Become One-

Choosing this card is an indication that love needs to be just as its suppose to be. Share your love and don’t be afraid of losing yourself and independence in doing so. There may be new love on the horizon or possibly the igniting of passion in an existing love, whatever love you find yourself in, understand that everyone has their flaws, everyone has weaknesses, even you. I often feel this card has a soulmate attachment to it, lessons of love to learn as well as a allowing us to reflect upon what love really is. Unconditional love is given without a want for it to return, without an agenda, without a manipulation, it is given freely from the heart and felt in the soul. Love with all of you and never anything less. A great love, a love for all time, letting two become one. There is a soulmate energy to this relationship, a connection beyond just the surface, don’t let the outer image fool you, and don’t get all caught up in an image. Let relationships flourish, for two people grow best when their hearts are intertwined.

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