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#1 –

A dream is like a seed held in our hand. It may contain infinite possibilities, but in order to grow, it must be planted.

This week you are reminded to have a look at all of your ideas and to realize the potential you will have to put into place in 2018.

It is important for you to anchor your goals and visions and bring in the possibility that they will indeed grow and flourish.

Sometimes we get caught up in the past that we forget to live in the moment or we only focus on the ‘what ifs’ for the future but don’t ground the ideas into the present.

There for we never give out the right energy to the universe to manifest or we loose ourselves in the dream.

We end up with goals that become scattered and in some cases non acheivable.

This is a reminder for you to stay on todays ideas, get through each day, live in the present, and ground yourself.

Its like getting back to the basics, enjoy mother earth, walk barefoot more often, get your hands dirty, go on a bush walk,

book a walking tour somewhere local or even overseas.

When you do this you truly will re connect to where you need to be today and manifest your great dreams and desires for tomorrow.

#2 –

The message this week for you is to notice the times during the week that is appropriate to be open

and flexible there are also times when you need to compromise and or be flexible to get a win win situation.

There is also times where you maybe encouraged or asked to assert yourself to clain your power it is important that you do this in a way to stand your ground but remember that other peoples needs and yours need to be balanced.

If the scales are tipped in another persons favour in needs than any expectations you may have in succeding you may find your hopes dashed.

Assess whether others actually control situations therefore no matter what strategy or tactic you may use you will not get a win win situation.

Step back if you have to and choose the path that is most clear for you this maybe a time where you are being asked to look at what has not worked in the past and to do things differently.

This is also a time to make sure your expectations are not to high above the bar so that you are able to achieve what you are after from another or others.

If you feel this is not possible perhaps tap into your intuition or your inner gut feelings and act and choose on those.

Don’t be controlled by another person or persons energy as it is not healthy nor healing.

Sometimes we need to look at the big picture and understand in actual fact what we are trying to get from others is actually what we need to give ourselves instead.

Direct your energy towards yourself this week, take a step back decide truthfully in your heart what is the best step forward for you.

This is a place where you may start to re coup inner peace and self empowerment, it is ok after all to be just you for the time being.

#3 –

Your card is all about wishes being fulfilled.

This comes in the form of emotional satisfaction, contentment and enjoyment.

Wishes will be coming true!! This week and beyond expect some happiness, success, good or better health,

this is a time of completion and accomplishment its all there at the tips of your fingers.

Make sure your open to the feeling of being able to receive.

Even if its a compliment coming your way accept it with thanks and gratitude .

Know that something as small as a compliment and your ability to graciously accept will assist you in the future when you may need inspiration and positive energy.

This is a time to also release and heal past memories that may have held you hostage.

Forgive, accept, release and tune into your own goals and ideas with clarity in the here and now…

for heartfelt wishes will then come to you to enrich your soul and the life path you on earth have to accomplish.

Your affirmation this week is to say in my highest and greatest good I have……… ???

in my life now.

#4 –

Spirit says your in success or coming around to lovely blessings …

have you been having some issues around you with communcations whether they are conflicts or feeling as though you have not had your voice?

Maybe you haven’t felt listened to?

you will raise up and be successful in this area look at what you might need to do differently this next week

and you will find people will finally listen and hear what you have to say.

You have success on your side especially in words of all forms around you personally and professionally.

You are being told to also be patient and that it might be a time to reflect

and then don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you find yourself in a position where you may be taking the lead.

If there is a project you want to take on or a new job go for it…

This is a reminder to think positive on all fronts in communications.


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