Free Daily Reading April 8th (Reveal)


Good Evening everyone Which did you choose earlier? Below are your messages revealed. Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion, thought and question.

Thank you for participating and for sharing these daily posts, you are appreciated.

Keep shining xoxo 1

#1- Meditation Brings Answers-

When all else fails to bring you clarity and shut of your logical mind,

you must turn to meditation to bring everything into focus.

Your anxiety can be calmed, your indecisiveness.

An become clear with a plan, your sadness can become empowered into joy.

Seek your answers within today, do not ask someone for advice or make any decisions without first taking a moment to truly connect to your higher self.

You will receive the answer through a meditative state.

If you don’t normally meditate then learn to!

Sit quietly and deep breathe for 5 minutes while you focus on nothing except the presence within you.

Try guided meditations or candle trances(a candle trance is where you stare at the flames and let yourself go).

Meditation, it works.

2#2- Recovery –

This situation is working out for the greater good, give your worries to the Angels and allow them to take the lead.

You are and will continue to heal from whatever has been emotionally, mentally and physically draining you.

This is a recovery period in your life which suggests you are in the midst of a transformation.

Letting the past go, forgiving for peace of mind, and moving forward with an open heart and mind.

Recovery doesn’t happen in the snap of your fingers, slowly over time everything will heal but do you know what is most important?

Your willingness to heal and to take the lead to do so.

You will make it to the rainbow so have faith, this too shall pass.

Perhaps you could try finding one thing to be grateful for that you are able to heal today.

Start with what you need to do in the here and now.

Pray; asking for protection and loving energy to help guide you through the hard times as well as the good times.

Don’t just pray when you are down and out.

This is also an end of cycle which means you can start planning for the next phase,

for those of you who have done your healing work, the time is almost upon you to take the next step!


#3- Take Action –

The divine is patiently awaiting your next move!

They are here to assist you in this next step and encourage you to take action where you have been wanting to.

Do not hold back or put off to tomorrow what you can do today, there’s no time like the present to start.

New projects, ideas and goals will be met with success, use your creativity to make things happen.

Any pressing important matters should be dealt with immediately and with truth and integrity.

Make a priority list, set your goals in the order they need to be accomplished.

Don’t be lazy, empower yourself.

You have been having some ideas and thoughts about what you should do or where you should go,

and your angels agree that it’s time to enact some movement.

No more procrastination, no more uncertainty.

Your being pushed to trust and move forward now, nothing gets done unless you make something happen.

Take any necessary avenues that lead you closer to your goal.


#4- Not The Right Time –

“This is not a no, it’s just a ‘not yet’ ”

– it is not the right time for you may need more information and experiences before you can proceed.

This is a message that divine time, divine intervention, and divine synchronicity are taking the lead in your life right now.

When it happens, you will know.

The divine will send you signs, coincidences, and doors that open.

For now, you must go with the flow and have faith in a divine order.

For those of you today who chose both #3 and #4, it is best that you choose the first one you were drawn to.

Be honest with with one you felt more connected to.

It important.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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