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Free Daily Reading April 15th (REVEAL)


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Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion or thought.

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Card #1 ~Giving Birth~

“I am bringing forth new and dynamic energy into the world.”

Choosing this card means it is time to start a new project or adventure!

Start manifesting what it is that you want to create or experience first my visualizing it in your mind’s eye.

Can you feel how exciting and positive it is? You have nurtured your idea long enough its time to expose and share it with the world! Don’t put it off any longer.

Card #2 ~Healing the Past~

“I step into my future with strength and clarity.”

Choosing this card means the past or even a past life is affecting your life today. A powerful healing is occurring within you now.

There are forces working with you to dissolve these past issues.

This will have a positive effect in you relationships, your health and in your creativity.

The challenges in your life will disappear as you realize the past is gone and healed, leaving you with a clean slate to pursue your dreams.

This will resonate to your loved ones as well for their healing.

Thank you for shining your light,

Nancy Fortier <3

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