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Card #1 ~Birth of Angels~ 44

Choosing this card is a sign of a Divine calling. You are supported by the Angelic realm. You have an important role to help uplift people.

This doesn’t mean that you gve them your energy it means that your remind them of who they are and what they are capable of, we are all here to experience to joys of life.

This card is a reminder that you are special, your path is being lit more then ever before.

Card #2 ~Fertile~ 12

OK, choosing this card means possible pregnancy… it Doesn’t always mean babies, it can also mean a birth of an idea.

This card resonates in encouragement, to bring your ideas, dreams and inner desires to life.

The conditions are perfect to set the foundation. What you think; you feel then create.

Thank you for shining your light,

Nancy Fortier

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