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Card #1 ~Manifestation Power~

“Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.”

This card is a gentle reminder that you have the power! Take a look at your thoughts, have you been blaming or complaining about other people or your circumstances and being a victim? Choosing this card means its time to see the truth, that you are the manifestor of your existence and experience! All you have to do is feel what you want and it is experienced. Feel happy, joy, fun, love, abundance, fresh air, home coming, freedom, abundance, excitement, joy, love…. Keep going!

“Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, please beautify my thoughts about my desires so that they’re completely based in love.”

Card #2 ~Shield Yourself~

“Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you.”
Choosing this card means that you are sensitive right now and may be feeling other people emotions. This will make you feel like your emotions are all over the place, happy one minute sad the next, you would also feel tired and drained. Most times it means picking up on negative energies around you like depression, anger, sadness, and jealousy. To protect yourself from this all you have to do is see yourself in a protective bubble or a shielding white light. Ask Archangel Michael to help and protect you, when feeling vulnerable.

Thank you for shining your light,

Nancy Fortier <3

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