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1- Power

“Call upon the elements. Focus your intentions.

The greatest dragon is within you”- focus all your inner power and strength into your intentions.

You are not to divert from your goals, they are within your reach.

You will need to push through the minds negativity and empower your passion and drive.

Challenges are no match for you when you believe in what your creating.

The universe wants your clear and precise plan of action; state your intention, speak clearly your plan.

You are the greatest asset to your life, if you give up or become lazy, then this is what you shall be. If you become frustrated and exhausted, this is what shall be.

Try instead to just be ready and willing to live Life as it comes, this helps you stay focused on your tasks at hand.

Inner power is sacred, it is that push when you hold back, that little voice that says try, and that passion that says you deserve the best.

Help yourself be better than yesterday, speak assertively and truthfully to your own reflection, affirm your worth and your respect for yourself.

Use your inner power today to create your reality.

“I am the conscious creator in my life and I make miracles happen”.
2- Elegance

“It is rarely found today. It is a lotus waiting to bloom.

Be the swan in the waves and glide”- you have the ability each day to gracefully add patience and understanding where it is needed as well as clarity of mind.

You can elegantly speak your truth, choosing your words carefully as to create positive results.

Life blooms everyday, it is about the journey and not the destination;

stay in the present moment today, enjoy the beauty around you, stay centred and find your balance.

All things will work out with elegance and ease, you are deserving of this, do not get caught up in fear or doubts.

You can open to more enlightenment by allowing yourself to gracefully give love and understanding to your journey.

Use your wisdom to guide you, you have come so far and learned so much, surely that wisdom was meant to guide you in your future experiences don’t you think?!

Make a deep commitment to yourself and your personal growth, stay focused on this, empower this commitment.

The more you focus on your personal growth and development, the better life’s experiences become.

Take a chance on yourself;

this will mean something different to each and everyone of you right now, take this message and empower yourself.

3- Expectation

“Be open for whatever comes comes next.

It might just be the music your hearts been waiting to hear” – let go of how you expect it to be, or how you think it should be.

Let go of opinionated control; you will not have full disclosure at this time and it may not turn out how you see it, but it will turn out how it was meant to.

Be open to whatever comes next; where is the opportunity to grow, expand and evolve.

You have had a recent ending, a shift in life, and now, you must adjust and make some new plans but don’t be so concrete, you need to let some things be left to the divine.

Trust them, they have your best interest at heart.

Always be ready for amazing things, keep your energy ready and willing to take any steps needed that are brought to you.

Until You are shown the entire picture, work with what you have and plan with an open mind.

You are being led down the right path, trust in this current flow and direction.

Solutions and ideas have, or are about to appear, listen to advice from a friend, follow the new idea you’ve had, take that step that has come to you.

Expect the unexpected with open arms!

A powerful time is upon you to create sturdy foundations and new paths!

Listen to the knocking of opportunities, they come in all shapes and sizes.

4- Friendship-

“Be with the ones who make you shine. Who love and really care for you.

Keep those, and let the others go”- surround yourself with your tribe, those people who match your vibration, who have the same like mindedness that they just “get” you.

Make your voice known, you have a right to validate your own feelings, emotions, thoughts and identity.

Those who mind and try to shut you out are not the ones for you right now.

You may be going through a time in life where you are seeing people for their true colours, not that it’s bad or good, but you are realizing who you vibe with and who you don’t.

We outgrow relationships, they come for a reason, a season and lifetimes, but usually we can see which ones are building us up and accepting of who we are.

These are the people you surround yourself with.

This also means that you must accept people for who they are, no matter how much you want them to change or how they effect life,

accept someone as they are and then make a choice if they bring good to your life or if they do not.

Do not judge, just bring awareness to yourself and the tribe you wish to build.

Your situation or circumstance requires you to remind yourself who you wish to surround yourself with.

Like attracts like, so always be in a state of knowing who you are.


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