Father Healing

Father Healing

“Yes, Love, you are ultimately worthy of Love.” Father God spoke to me this morning.

As we are dealing with the end of strings due to the shift in energy, the theme of worthiness and Love appears again today.

I woke up with a strong sensation of longing.

Tuning into the Spirit to see what they have to say, “Relationship.”

I pulled three cards from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle deck because they are known for assisting with manifestations.

I see a Full Moon in one of the card which indicates the Full Moon will reinforce you to release your sense of unworthiness which is the bottom line of everything.

You truly have a right to live your life for your best with Love.

Then, this second card appears. Giving your worries, fears, and unworthiness to Father God. That means surrendering your control and resistance.

Allow Him leads you.

He promises to watch out for you. He shall have your back when you fall.

You must surrender and trust in Him.

Father God shall lead you to your soulmate/love partner that is for your highest and greatest good. In the surrender, you shall learn to trust and Love yourself again.

God bless you.


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