This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality

This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality By Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

As the eyes are the window of one’s Spirit and that’s why one can read a lot about the person.

When you communicate with someone and look in his eyes you may know a lot about the person.

The eye shape, eyebrow shape, and even the eye color define one’s personality very well.

Read about the personality of a person on the basis of the eye shape

Almond Shaped Eyes

You are passionate, warm and light up every room.

You are the life and soul of the party and your inner flame burns brighter as you connect with people.

Your charisma captures the attention of others, making you a natural born leader.

You follow your gut instinct and become fully committed to what you believe in.

Just like a naked flame, you have the power of transformation and can convert any negative situation into a positive.

When it isn’t contained, though,your passion can quickly turn to anger, leading you to burn yourself out on occasion.

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