Enjoying Life’s Little Luxuries. Spending Quiet Time Alone

Enjoying Life’s Little Luxuries. Spending Quiet Time Alone:

Nine of Earth:

When the ground is fertile, you know it’s a perfect timing to plant the seeds because the soil is potent with the potential to grow beautiful flowers.

The time we are in right now is very fertile for your ideas to be planted.

You are also in a potent season.

See what you’re capable of by planting yourself but you’ll have to be willing to dig deep and be receiving what it’s showing you.

This might take you deeply where your sense of balance gets lost.

It is important to be mindful of this. When you feel the disconnection, remember what brings harmony in your life. If you can maintain that, you’ll be able to grow greatly.

Your deep desires will brew quietly but you might want to keep it under wraps, too.

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