Eight Of Water

A desire to move on. the search for something more meaningful. spiritual and emotional growth.

You might be feeling wanting to escape with emotions taking over you today.

There is a sense of wanting to get away from all of it or life.

Keep in mind you’ve come up to this far and you should be very proud of yourself for making this so far in your spiritual journey.

There is something in your life that you’ll have to put an end to before a new beginning can presents itself for you.

Changes are coming but they’re gorgeous and positive opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth.

Since this card is a Water element, this indicates relationship and intimacy.

When things get tough relationship-wise, the first reaction is to avoid or run away and hope that somehow the issues will go away.

2The issue will not go away unless you go through it but not around or over it.

You need to go through an intense experience to reveal what’s in your heart.

Utilizes your inner fire aka Love to push you forward through it to make decisions from your heart.

There is a sense of denial and fears whether this decision is necessary or for your highest good.

Be assured you’re supported and guided to make this decision.

There is something deeply in your heart you know you NEED this change. A change to turn your life around.

Use all the tools, experiences, and lessons, which you’ve mastered in this past year to make your decision.

Use Love as your greatest motivation and reason to attain inner peace. Many blessings, beautiful souls <3

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