Eight of Ariel

Eight of Ariel:

“Eight of Ariel” is all about working your way up to the top of mountain.

When you reach the mountain, you might be torn between going back to your comforts or go on the other side of mountain where you’re not familiar.

Perhaps because you’ve struggling with getting your aspirations off the ground due to ego fears, limited perspectives, and etc.

It comes down to having two choices- staying behind and repeat painful lesson or take a leap of faith and try a new path.

This past year showed you how painful it was to stay within your comfort zone and how you were living within illusion.

It was a year of disillusionment. Now you’ve reached the top of the mountain with a choice.

Make a choice that support your highest intentions and allow you to utilize your gifts.

Take it because it is yours rightfully. It requires hard work, energy, faith, and PATIENCE to witness your gifts blooming but it will be so worth in the end.

Remember what you’ve learned over this past year.

Apply the tools in the New Year and create a new life you’ve been aspiring for. Angels are urging you to diligently working toward your goals and purpose.

You hold the gifts within you.

Use it to transform your life and people’s lives for better.

Many blessings <3


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