Earth Angel

If you are seeing this card Earth Angel right now, the angel’s want to remind you that you are also an angel here on Earth, come to spread awareness and heal this planet with your grace and love.

There is no separation between us and the angels.

Separation is an illusion of the mind/ego and the reality is that we are all connected in spirit.

The angels are you, you are the angels.

As a matter of fact, there is no “you”, only energy.

So this should give you pause to consider how grand your light actually is and remind you why you have come to be part of this test on Earth.


Love is who you really are. It’s really just a matter of remembering…;)

“The Angels are so grateful for all of your positive thoughts and the actions you do for others.

They want you to take some time to see how amazing you are as a person.

They are so blessed to have someone like you helping them do their work here on Earth.

Thank you!!”

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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