Earth Angel 54

Earth Angel 54: You are an Earth Angel, this is what you chose to come and do here on Earth.

Are you sensitive to loud noises, abhor violence and get uncomfortable with negativity around you?

Do you tend to put weight on around your waist?

Did you know that this extra “padding” is actually what earth angels “wear” to protect from negative energies for their lower chakras?

Are you always collecting “angel cards and angel statues” and know that angels are around you always?

Earth angels are here as angels on earth as well as angels in the angelic realms.

Are you an earth angel that is assertive and may loose your temper now and then?

Or are you an earth angel that tends to be a “yes person” to every one that wants you to do for them even though you do not want to always?

An earth angel is a lightworker, and or warrior.

Your purpose on earth is to help serve others, heal others, teach others, give love.

light and blessings to all and most of all to help heal Your own self as well as others.

Take care of YOU first as in your healing and being assertive because earth angels are allowed to say NO when you feel like saying no !

Love and blessings to all earth angels, thank you for your loving care <3

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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