Ear Chakras, Notice messages that appear as sounds

Ear Chakras: Your angel guides are sending you messages and you are not listening for them.

Do you have too much going on and cannot settle down to listen?

Are you doubting your self and so then this blocks you from receiving messages?

Your guides do speak to you and some hear from their ear chakras in different ways.

Hearing with your ears is the physical way and the spiritual way with the third

eye opened is actually hearing in your head which is where the ear chakras are located.

So do not doubt your self in your “hear messages in your head”

this truly is your guides giving you messages.

You can also receive messages in your heart.

Hearing music and songs and from others speaking will also give you messages.

Certain words in a song will resonate with you again that is your guides giving you a message.

Have you asked a question lately and then surprised to actually hear a voice answer your question in passing?

Again your guides are bringing you the messages that you seek in different ways.

Be open to receive and you will be quite excited in the various

ways that messages are delivered to you!

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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