The Dreamer (Visions, Trance, Apparitions)

Today Card Is The Dreamer (Visions, Trance, Apparitions), Your elemental guides desire that you now pay attention to the dreams you have been dreaming.

You have asked in increasing your awareness and it is time for you to recall your dreams.

Are you seeing visions in your dreams?

Are you experiencing a trance like “feeling” sometimes when you meditate?

These are the signs that your gift of vision has increased with you raising your vibrations.

All the work that you have been doing on “your self” in envisioning, staying positive, saying your affirmations you have raised your vibrations as you have asked to have help with.


Since you are more aware this does bring to you more visions and apparitions will be appearing to you now also.

This is all part of what your increased spiritual knowledge has done for you.

Do not doubt what you see.

This is a gift from your creator.

With what you have been seeing in dreams and reality have you been keeping a journal?

Write down what you are experiencing as this will help you to understand and also you can help others understand their gift of sight also.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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