Dragonfly – Illusion

Dragonfly – Illusion:

The Dragonfly tells you that you are a matter of illusion and you know it!

Particularly in the appearances you show to others.

You have this gift since birth, and thru your childhood it served you well to wear masks that made you feel whoever you needed to be in any situation.

Yet, this has easily fooled yourself in thinking that any of these identities could be your real you.

The truth is; you don’t need to rely on these characters anymore.

On occasions, they can come handy, but at this point, it’s time to let the “You” of who you really are come out in all varied expressions and manifestations.

One of the popular tricks you like to run on yourself is to pretend you don’t know the truth, in other words, you play dumb.

Yet inside, you can be contented and secretly indulge in your own illusion of superiority.

Bear in mind that once you acknowledge the truth, then you will know what to do.

And by this acknowledgement, you will accept the truth of who you really are!


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