Cut Your Cords

Cut Your Cords: You are enduring the draining effects of energetic cords tied to past relationships, situations, or experiences.

The good news is that with help from the angels, draining cords can easily be cut and released,

allowing the fullness of your spiritual light and energy to be restored.

At this time, invite your angels to assist you in scanning your energy from head to toe.

Notice any areas in your physical body or in your energy where a cord is attached.

These areas may feel heavy, tired, tingly, or sore.

You may not feel anything at all, and rather, you just seem to know where cords are attached,

or you may be able to mentally see their presence.

With help from your angels, become aware of a cord that drains you now.

What encounter, fear, or past experience tied this cord to your energy in the first place?

When you are in a state of love and joy, cords cannot attach.

But when your energy weakens due to worry, fear, or other lower vibrations, even for a moment, you allow yourself to be corded and your energy is subtly drained.

Are you willing to let go of this cord?

With your yes, Archangel Raphael pulls on the cord.

I, Archangel Michael, cut the cord with my sword of light and release the root, the cord,

and all residue fully and completely into the light of the Divine.

Let it go.

Now all energy that was yours, which was drained consciously or unconsciously, returns to you cleansed and purified.

Feel a boost in your energy, and feel your light and power beginning to return to you now.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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