Connect With MUSIC

Connect With MUSIC:

There is no better way to get your day started on the right foot than by listening to your favorite music!

The angels are asking you to take time out and connect with music in your life.

When you feel the rythym of it in your soul, it actually helps you channel more creative energy, create connections and open your heart!

It can also help you relax and tune into your spiritual gifts on a much deeper level.

It helps you become in tune with your innate rythym towards life and clears your energy field.

Your loved ones in heaven get so happy when you feel the music, they want to dance with you!

Oftentimes you’ll get messages through song lyrics from your guides and angels.

When I wake up in the morning, the very first song to pop into my head is usually a direct message from spirit!

This morning, the song “Died in Your Arms” by Cutting Crew popped into my head, and I haven’t heard that song in years! Lol.

So tell us, what is your favorite music to listen to, or what message have you received from spirit through songs recently? ?

“You are a beacon of light and the angels want to help you connect with their guidance and inspiration.

Listening to positive music is important for your spiritual growth. As you do so, your heart will open up and draw the Angels closer to you.

There are also messages coming to you through lyrics and music, so keep your ears open.

If you are a musician, the Angels want to be part of your musical career

– so invite them in.”


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