Compromise, Master Teacher

Compromise: Your guides are your source of wisdom as your master teachers.

If you let go of your control as in control of everything around you including people your health will increase.

Did you know that being assertive is a good thing but your control gets you in a angry mood every time.

Have you noticed that people in your work space and home space tend to back off when you get in one of your control moods?

Do you want to heal your self from this controlling thing going on?

Your guides are desiring that you listen to their suggestions on how you can let that control go and be in the negotiable mood instead.

Everyone has their own take on an issue and working together on this solution

is a great way to have peace and good energy in your works space and home space.

Can you be quiet and listen to another idea on a solution?

Now was that so hard to do?

Compromise is a great way to have your suggestions noticed as well as other suggestions noticed and then

negotiate on the best way to handle this issue for that peace and good health for all involved.

Compromise and good vibes go hand in hand!

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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