Claircognizance From ARCHANGEL URIEL

Claircognizance From ARCHANGEL URIEL:

You know that tiny sensation of tugging that you need to follow their lead but you don’t know how or why?

That’s your intuition or claircognizance in this case.

No matter how it seem to be impossible but with faith, everything is POSSIBLE.

The secret lies in it is to take the risk and see where it leads you.

There is truly no harm in trying. If you do not succeed, that’s okay.

At least you tried because you wouldn’t know how far you can go unless you TRY.

This card is all about taking risks and stepping into unknown. Unknown place have the answers to your prayers.

No one really have the answers for you but only you can find it by taking a step into a place of unfamiliarity.

It is not about being logical and find black and white answers but you know the saying, no one ever grow by staying in familiar and comfort zone.

This is a stepping stone toward healing and building your path by stepping into unknown.

Deeply in your heart and intuition, you know there’s something more than what you see, right?

That’s your intuition and the Universe encouraging you to take the risk because it will open up new doors for you.

The Universe promises to have your back.

Go ahead and take that first step.

Namaste. <3


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