Choose Freedom

Choose Freedom:

Choosing freedom is something people often forget.

This card indicates on choosing to live freely including thinking freely.

Allow your thoughts be free of negativity and it will shift where you will see more potential and possibilities.

Choosing freedom is allowing yourself to walk out of that small jail cage you’ve put yourself in for a while.

The door is always open for you walk out of prison.

The choice is yours. No one put or force you into that small room of prison but YOU.

Yes, it is difficult hearing the truth but you deserve freedom to live your life without repercussions and punishment.

There is no such as punishment or consequences but only you punish yourself and create negative consequences.

This calls for free yourself from restricted and confined way of thinking.

You are only one who is in the control of your life and happiness.

Decide to choose freedom from the prison you’ve created will open up many doors of opportunities.

Instead of resisting and fearing the changes, allow yourself open up and freely, the Universe will send you many gifts.

Don’t you love unexpected gifts? Most important of all, the thought into gift counts. You can ask and receive gifts by thinking about them.

Create your thoughts into possibilities and blessings.

Your thoughts have powerful vibrations.

Be sure to think about positivity, love, hope, and blessings.

Soon or later, you will receive an unexpected package on the step at your front door.

Many blessings <3



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