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  • This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality

    This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality By Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium As the eyes are the window of one’s Spirit and that’s why one can read a lot about the person. When you communicate with someone and look in his eyes you may know a lot about the person. The eye shape, […]

  • Full Moon Release 14 November 2016

    THE FULL MOON is a time of releasing old negative patterns. Extra note **To all people who have CRYSTALS, tumblestones, pendulums, wands. money frogs. sure to put them outside under the Full Moon tonight. Find a spot in the dirt or grass or in a flower pot on the patio as long as the […]

  • 5 Amazing Facts – Halloween (How is this possible?)

    Hey curious people today is the first post of the halloween¬†so welcome ¬†i hope you like it , you can start to feel cold you can see leaves in the ground we start to feel that time of the year when people dress costumes to make pranks and use the word “trick-or-treat”you can use costumes […]

  • What To Expect During Your Psychic Medium Reading

    Hi everyone! I’m Nancy Fortier, I wanted to explain how a psychic medium ship reading with me works. Also when they give you a few details on what you can do to prepare for your reading so that you can get the most out of it. The very first thing I would suggest is that […]