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  • This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality

    This Is What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality By Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium As the eyes are the window of one’s Spirit and that’s why one can read a lot about the person. When you communicate with someone and look in his eyes you may know a lot about the person. The eye shape, […]

  • Competition “Warrior Guides”

    Competition: Your angel guides say that it is time for you to get into the fray and show your stuff! Are you one that tends to be passive aggressive and not want to get into the mix? Do you tend to back down from a challenge because of fear? Do you think as a spiritual […]


    A MESSAGE FOR YOUR BIRTH MONTH BY NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM Oracle Card Messages Go to your birth month for an empowering message revealed using the Magical Times Oracle Cards of empowerment. A little positive boost to keep you divine. Thank you for sharing and participating! Keep shining xo Click Next to Read January

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  • New Moon 27th Jan

    New Moon in Aquarius January 27/28, 2017 Alright Aquarius season is upon us and same as the sun follows the new moon in this evolutionary constellation. We have much to look forward to, and many factors to contemplate. During this moon phase we are leading up to a lunar eclipse in Leo, and in sync […]

  • Full Moon 12th Jan

    Tomorrow January 12th,  we will have our first full moon of the year, in the sign of Cancer. This is the sign that the moon rules, the ONLY sign the moon rules. This will be a VERY emotional full moon surrounding how we love and nurture ourselves, our self esteem, our homes and families, and our […]