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  • Confusion – Crown Chakra- Seventh Chakra

    Confusion: Crown Chakra keywords- Enlightenment, purpose, wisdom, spiritual unity, expansiveness. Though the willingness to be in confusion you will find clarity. There are no answers to solve here only clarity of the mind. This be a great time to meditate or get advice on a needed situation. Although this is more of the spiritual journey […]

  • Calling in Your Soul Mate

    Calling in Your Soul Mate: What do we need to know about coming into union with our soul mates or twin flames Call them in talk to them and connect with them with deep communication which is very important now that we’re coming closer into this path Those looking for a soul mate make a […]

  • Rest, You’ve been working hard

    Rest: Resting or self-care essentials are needed to allow the new energies to integrate with your heart. It is very important to follow through with taking care of yourself and honoring your higher self. Now, it is asking you to dive in your heart and utterly embrace who you are. Your vibrations are raising and […]

  • A breakthrough is on its way

    A breakthrough is on its way! Can you feel the sense of freedom coming from the fairy maiden in this picture? You’ve endured the changes in energy and weathered the storms. You will now have a major breakthrough that well set you on the path to create new worlds within yourself that will be reflected […]

  • Believe And Trust

    Believe And Trust: Have faith Beloved, that everything is working out far more beautifully and Divinely than you could have ever imagined. At times when things seem the most dark and fearful, you are just on the other side of the Miracle. Believe that the Light is present, even when you cannot see it, and […]


    NECTAR OF THE LOTUS: Your peaceful and gentle, your loving and compassionate and this you give freely to the world yet you create limitation within your self young one. You create blockages and boundaries for yourself. Not because you effortlessly give love to another human being without fault. But you fail in return to give […]

  • Romance Angels Are Helping You

    Romance Angels Are Helping You: Beloveds, there is a lot of powerful vibes and energy coming to the light workers and sensitives and reiki workers. Prepare and keep yourself shielded by burning sage and lavender and opening the windows of your house for half hour afterwards. Light white candles and call upon your God center […]

  • High Vibrational Living

    High Vibrational Living: Let go of the past, release the need to worry about the future, and know that here and now, the present moment is where all your power, your frequency, and your potential as an ascending being lies. Divine light has always been within you. And as you energetically lift in vibration, you […]