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  • Ten of Wands

    Ten of Wands: Greetings all! Your dedication, wonder and opening up to the world is being rewarded! The “Ten of Wands” shows us the completion of a cycle is coming, or has just arrived! You have taken all of the necessary steps to becoming one with your Self, or otherwise are getting closer each moment. […]

  • Hear The Yellow Tiger Mother

    Hear The Yellow Tiger Mother: Power, courage, strength and resilience is to come from this month, as any adversity or obstacle comes from your lower mind enters. you are to stand tall and be brave and move your way clear and onto your life path that is being shown to you and follow it as […]

  • Heart To Heart Conversations

    Heart To Heart Conversations: The Romance Angels want you to know that your relationship will benefit from real heart to heart conversations right now. Both of you are feeling a lot of things that you may feel uncomfortable sharing, but once you take the step to talk to your partner from the heart, it will […]

  • Heart’s Desires, The angels are supporting

    Heart’s Desires: Today’s card is drawn from “The Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck” by Doreen Virtue. It’s called “Heart’s Desires” and it encourages us to dive deep into our heart today by taking some quiet time and see what are our heart’s true desires and wishes, what we really, truly are longing to manifest in […]

  • Death- I am Learning that endings are merely new beginning’s

    Death: This week we bring focus on self nurturing, taking care of our needs, fixing things around the home, even going out into nature to ground and relax and feel more comftable. Making a list of things that we need to get don’t and sacrificing things in return that don’t belong in our usually daily […]

  • Shanti, I Am the Angel of Peace

    Shanti: You are coming into a divine balance. The heart and soul within are coming into alignment and you are ready to explore your soul path more deeply. What sings to your soul? What calls to you in your daydreams? What yearns at you when you are at your honest truth? Make these dreams and […]

  • Purification – Goddess White Tara

    With the Message of Purification, this is purify our thoughts, people, situations and body of toxicness that don’t belong with us. a need to cleanse ourselves of the toxic environments that might not be sheading light on us and escape the dark. Purification is the cleansing we may need to get though. its love and […]

  • Soul Mate Relationship

    Soul Mate Relationship: A common misconception is that meeting your soulmate will bring more love into your life —a misconception because the truth of who you are is love. Vibrating in alignment with this, your true essence is how you experience and fill your life with more love now. This is also the direct route […]